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After introducing Multi Segment Color MSC™ in the SE Series
of programmable, RGB-backlit LCD switches with all new electonics,
[E³] revealed the lastes innovation at NAB 2024

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With the introduction of the SC and SE Series, [E³] continues its legacy of product innovations in LCD key technology. These series of switches represent significant product improvements and incorporate another industry leading product feature, Multi Segment Color MSC™ backlighting.

New Product Features and Improvements

  • NEW - inverse DFSTN display
  • IMPROVED - lower power consumption less than 25mA typical
  • NEW - extended input voltage range of 4.5 – 5.5 Volt
  • INCREASED - data speed up to 4 Mbaud in SC Mode
  • NEW - automatic contrast optimization
  • NEW - automatic temperature adjustment
  • IMPROVED - color calibration for color uniformity across RGB spectrum
  • NEW - fully backwards compatible for drop-in replacement into existing system designs
  • IMPROVED - contrast ratio
  • IMPROVED - viewing angle

SC Series

The SC6432 combines all product features of the previous SB6432 switches with updated electronics and internal construction adding better viewing angle and contrast, improved power range and current consumption.

All new SC switches are 100% backwards compatible to our SA and SB switches.

Click here for SC6432 datasheet

SE Series

The SE switches combine all the features of the SC switches with an inverse DFSTN LCD for optimal contrast. The SE6432 switches feature Multi-Segment Color MSC™ in Standard and Inverse Mode for better readability and software consistency.

Like the SC and SD switches the SE switches are also compatible to our SA and SB series.

Click here for SE6432 datasheet

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  • [E³] offers its customers control panels based on our CC0064 controller
  • or customer specified controls, interfaces and protocols. Our control panels are serial devices making them compatible with various operating systems. Ethernet versions of our panels are available upon request.

Desktop Control Panels

The desktop control panel series feature 12, 24 or 60 LCD keys in a desktop housing with RS232 and USB interfaces. They support all CC0064 commands and are ideal for desktop application implementation without costly hardware development.

Rack-Mount Control Panels

[E³] offers 19-inch rack-mount control panels based on the CC0064 controller supported commands. Available with 12 or 17 LCD keys per row in 1HU, 2HU and 3HU front panels with fully enclosed electronics or open board designs. In addition to the standard RS232 and USB interfaces, rack-mount panels are also available with Ethernet interface.

Custom Control Panels

Custom designs and customer-specific control panels enable user defined packaging around our CC0064 controller or custom controllers. We provide custom solutions such as the integration of additional control devices like joysticks, encoders, sliders, t-bars, etc. and other peripheral items such as displays based on customer specifications.

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The DevBoard utilizes the CC0064 controller which is the control module used in all CP series control panels. This allows for rapid prototyping and testing with immediate software portability from prototype phase to series production.


Development system with 2 switches, power options via battery pack, direct power input or over USB cable, and RS232 and USB interfaces on board. The CC0064 controller and 2 switch key matrix can also be mated for an instant 2-button control panel design.

CC0064 Controller

The CC0064 controller features RS232 and USB interfaces. Serial-to-Ethernet interface optional. On-board library storage for 255 bitmap images. The CC0064 is the standard controller for all CP series designs up to 64 Sxnnnn switches.

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