LCD Key Technology


The industry leading LCD Key Technology from [E³] is based on four elements:


RGB Backlighting

[E³] leading innovation in LCD key technology includes full RGB backlighting in 64 or over 10,000 RGBcolors. [E³] not only allows you to select these color via software commands. We also use our proprietary calibration system to ensure that switches in a large panel array have uniform colors. This is achieved through our Advanced Technology™ electronics which control both the backlighting and LCD display in the switch.

64 RGB colors
The image above shows an unretouched digital photo of some of the RGB colors taken of a 64 button field.

Additional information on the RGB backlighting is available on the RGB Colors page.

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LCD Display

LCD switches from [E³] use standard transmissive FSTN LCD displays for optimal contrast, viewing angle and readability. Inverse transmissive (SI Switches) and inverse transflective (SM Switches) LCDs are also available.

The Advanced Technology™ electronics control image refresh in the keyswitch so that no data communication is required until the image data changes. The electronics also maintain optimal contrast for best readability.

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Advanced Technology™ Electronics

At the heart of the [E³] Key Technology is the Advanced Technology™ electronics designed and developed by [E³]. The electronics are integrated in each switch so that there is only minimal external hardware required to control the switches. A simple 2-wire SPI is the interface to the switches to download image data and set background colors.

The Advance Technology™ electronics also allow us to provide our customers with custom protocols.

Not only are the control electronics the most advanced in the industry, but [E³] has also incorporated a high degree of ESD protection that make the SA/SI/SM switches superior with regard to ESD/EMI.

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Legacy Mode Compatibility

The SA3216 and SA3624 switches from [E³] offer a pin- and command-compatible replacement option for customers currently using LC16 and LC24 switches. The Legacy Mode™ allows for drop-in replacement without the need for any hardware changes. SA switches self-initialize and do not require a permanent clock.

In order for the SA switches to convert the legacy protocol for the SA switches only a timing and data word adjustment must be made.

For more information, please download this detailed description of the Legacy Mode here.

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Mechanical Switch

The keyswitches from [E³] are not only intelligent, but tough. Mechanical design features such as over-travel protection, force distribution and long-life switch elements let the SA/SI/SM switches exceed already industry-leading durability ratings.

For details on durability testing results, click on this link for why the LCD keys from [E³] are
Not Just Intelligent, but TOUGH!

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