LCD Push-Button Switches


key drawings[E³] designs, develops and manufactures several series of programmable, RGB-backlit LCD push-button switches.

The SA-SB-SI-SM switches are programmable LCD push-button switches with command-driven serial interfaces. They integrate a graphical liquid crystal display with RGB backlighting in a keyswitch.

The LCD keys are controlled via a serial interface to the integrated Advanced Technology™ electronics, which control the interface, display and backlighting. They self-initialize without external setup commands. Data only needs to be transmitted when a change is made to the display or background colors.

Only six contact terminals are needed to provide power, clock and data lines as well as switch contacts. The contact pins of the internal switch are isolated from the internal electronics.

This tables gives you an overview of the various features:






LCD Resolutions

64 x 32 pixels

LCD Type

FSTN liquid crystal display


Inverse transmissive

Inverse transflective

LED Backlighting

64 RGB colors

Over 10,000 RGB colors

Interface Protocols

Synchronous serial 8-bit interfaces (2-wire SPI)
Custom interfaces available upon request

Command Set


Enhanced command set

Clock Signal

No external clock required
Absence of external clock will not harm switches


Automatic self-initialization

Maximum Speed

Up to 2 MBaud

Operating Voltage

4.9 V to 5.1 V

Power Consumption

< 25 mA typical ; < 60 mA max.

Keyswitch Type

tactile, 2.5 mm travel
with overtravel protection

Keyswitch Lifetime

> 3.0 million cycles

> 5.0 million cycles


0°C to 55°C (operating)
-20°C to 65°C (storage)

Extended temperature range







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