Compatibility of [E³] switches to Screenkeys LC24.2 Trend and RBG24T


ScreenKeys have partnered with [E³] to offer a direct replacement for the ScreenKey products which have  been discontinued.

Screenkeys customers using the LC24.2 Trend or RGB24T switches have 3 options for compatible [E³] products:

SA3624 in Legacy Mode

SA3624 in Advanced Technology Mode


SA3624 Legacy Mode™ for LC24.2 Trend

SA3624 switches in Legacy Mode are pin- and command compatible with Screenkey LC24.2 Trend switches. The Legacy Mode™ allows for drop-in replacement without the need for any hardware changes. SA switches self-initialize and do not require a permanent clock.. Although all [E³] switches are RGB backlit, the Legacy Mode limits the color selection to the Screenkeys LC24.2 Trend color commands. Since SA3624 switches use a 16 bit data word, instead of 12 bit, four additional Stop bits need to be added for each data word. In order for the SA switches to convert the legacy protocol for the SA switches from the Screenkeys protocol the timing conventions for SA switches need to be followed.  

For more information, please download this detailed description of the Legacy Mode here.

SA3624 Advanced Technoloy Mode

Screenkeys customers using either the LC24.2 Trend or RGB24T may use software command to switch to the Andvanced Technology mode which utilizes the full RGB color spectrum. This uses the SA protocol to a greater degree while maintaining pin- and command compatibility.

For more information, please download this detailed description of the Legacy Mode here.


SA3624 switches offer a full Advanced Technology™ protocol for increased data rates and additional AT commands. These switches are pin compatible to Screenkeys but rely on the more advanced AT protocol scheme.

If you have any questions regarding compatibility or our full range of RGB-backlit LCd switches including the higher resolution SA6432 switches, please contact us.

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