SA Switches


The SA switches from [E³] are the industry-leading family of RGB-backlit, programmable LCD keys.



Three different resolutions are available

SA6432 with 64 x 32 pixels
SA3624 with 36 x 24 pixels
SA3216 with 32 x 16 pixels

RGB Backlighting

SA3216, SA3624 and SA6432 keys support 64 RGB colors.

64 RGB colors
The image above shows an unretouched digital photo of some of the RGB colors taken of a 64 button field.

Color Calibration

No color sorting due to Advanced Technology™ electronics. The RGB backlighting of all keyswitches is calibrated for maximum uniformity.


All keys self-initialise. No external setup commands required.

Legacy Mode™

Backward compatibility for use in legacy systems. If you are interested in running your system in Legacy Mode™, please contact us for technical support.

Power Consumption

Less than 60mA maximum current is needed when bright white backlighting is selected. Typical value is less than 25mA with one of the RGB colors.

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