RGB Colors


The LCD Key Technology from [E³] is the first to commercialiize true RGB backlighting in programmable LCD switches with integrated control electronics.

The Advanced Technology electronics allow us to control the individual red, green and blue color channels to create either 64 (SA switches) or over 10,000 (SB/SI/SM switches) calibrated RGB colors.

64 RGB colors
The image above shows an unretouched digital photo of some of the RGB colors taken of a 64 button field.

For a more detailed description of the RGB Color Model, please visit this link.

One of the many advantages of [E³]'s control electronics is our ability to calibrate the LCD switches to matc colors in large control panels.

Below you find an illustration of the CIE Chromaticity chart that shows the RGB color space that can be generated by mixing the light from the red, green and blue LED.

CIE Chromaticity

This image is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
It uses material from the Wikipedia image "CIE Chromaticity Diagram Wavelength".

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